Wedding Ceremony (2004)

ed and kelli in full wedding garb on the steps of the church. shot in black and white so it looks all classic and stuff.

The cermony audio recording of the best day of my life, so far. The second big collaboration with Kelli Parrish. The pictures are available in the Tying the Knot Gallery.

  • Rev. Jerry Lawritson: Officiating Pastor
  • Ronel Wishnuff: piano and organ

By far my most successful collaboration so far, my wedding was held on August 28, 2004 on a hot, late summer afternoon in a church with a bunch of glass facing westward. It was damned hot in there. The usual jitters of the day were compounded with a last minute technical issue brought on by caterers that did not heed markings and taped cables that supplied power to the tree lights and sound system on the church patio. So cables had to be re-run and breakers had to be reset. All of this was discovered at the last minute but since Kelli's prep room was blocking the breaker box, I could not go down there, and so I had to find someone who could go and interpret the marks on the switches to make sure the right circuits were reinstated.

Our ceremony was not just a "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to..." service. We let our longstanding pastor supply vows that were more acceptable to us. But I had an idea to have him read comments that each of us supplied to say a thing or two about the other, except neither of us knew what the other was saying! Kelli wasn't into it at first. I had to settle her down from fears I'd give away something or embarrass her. Anyhow, there were some nice moments of levity that broke up the tension at a few places. That was a good thing because for some reason, Kelli and I spontaneously took each other's hands and held them there for the entire time, it seemed, and that of course required a pretty set posture for an inordinate amount of time.

The Satie Gymnopedies were chosen because I really love them and they suited the occasion, but also lent some continuity, appearing in two places as they did. Too bad we didn't have use for the third segment.