Slaves By Trade (1994)

josh, ed, jim, alan at sunset cliffs in 1994. Kinda ridiculous looking like all these garage rock band photos are. who wears white in rock bands?Slaves by Trade, the trio plus original singer Alan Wiese

Metallic, but not metal. Grinding but not grungy. Hey. It was 1994 and San Diego was supposed to be the "next Seattle."


  • Me: Drums, Lyrics
  • Jim Pupplo: Guitar, Vocal
  • Josh Rogers: Bass


Slaves By Trade is a band I played with in mid 1994. As you can hear, they had some Alice In Chains and Soundgarden to them. Pull My String was also my own set of lyrics that I handed to Jim, and in our shows at least, the song was well received. We did a nine song recording in August of that year, just two weeks after I got my new drums for about $4000, and then we promptly broke up two months later!

This is the last thing I ever did as a guy who played "drums only." But after this season of meathead metal, I wanted to get back into doing songs about farm animals and eccentrics. Jim the guitarist was the one who initially interested me in playing guitar in the fall of 1994.

In 2004 I came to find out that a man matching his description died in a Naval Aviation accident in Japan. This news, ironically came to me exactly ten years after the date when I bought my new drums, and went to a party, and met someone who changed my life for years to come, for better and for worse.