ReCyclED (1996-2000)

A wannabe Frank Zappa/Dr. Demento goes nuts in the studio.


  • Me: Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Basses, Keyboards, Studio Craft
  • Also featuring: Todd Larowe, Rebecca Vaughan, Sarah Conley, Ron Sada, Bill Ray, Danny Donnelly, Mike Thaxton, El Brando, Brian Cantrell, Paul Cougill, Matt Zuniga, Tom Griesgraber, Marc Ziegenhagen


These are only about 1/3 of the tracks on a project so named because I was recycling my own stuff ("ED") that had a humorous streak in it and redoing certain things that were once done a few years before in my silly drums and vocal duo called Rhythmic Catharsis (RC). This was some of the most fun I've ever had being creative. Most of the recordings you hear are from 1997-1999 in reality, but some things are from 1996 in their original form, and most are borrowing from lyrical material and humor from the Rhythmic Catharsis days (1992-1993). The VS880 was new when I set about doing these re-recordings, so I was keen on recording all sorts of things that permitted experimentation in recording, so I could learn my way around the machine. Some of the material itself is straight off the 4 track tapes I recorded before the 880 came onto the scene. This project was one that I thought would be a quick wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am of about 6 months, but it took over my life as I ended up calling in all my friends and various pro musicians with whom I worked to play on various things. So there are a lot of cameos from a lot of people. Some songs went down in hours, and some took a year to get right. There are a couple tracks that are in the final list that came from a totally over the top thing I did in 2000 called The Magnificent Meatsticks, which functioned in the same way as Rhythmic Catharsis did before it--a totally irreverent and rude way to blow off steam while pretending to make music. The entire projected running order for ReCyclED was meant to segue from one track to another in an hour-long run of utterly stupid, irreverent, and sometimes hilarious musical jokes. In some ways, this project is still not done; I still have active Pro Tools sessions with all the stuff loaded in and ready to edit into that final form, but it is so hard to want to sit and tamper with this stuff anymore. I've got this stuff on 4 track tape, VS880, and Pro Tools now. It's absurd.