Recording Archive

  • Cheekymonkeyfunkers

    The last meaningful recordings made at Hog Heaven are pretty much summed up here in these few tracks from early 2005. A two man band effort with Glenn Farrington who was the best musical soulmate since Todd Larowe a few years before. During the CMF period, my old studio was demolished and for a short while we used another, far nicer room in the house, but it too was doomed when Kelli and I were evicted. And then for all intents and purposes, CMF was no more.

  • Post-Receiving

    After Receiving, I was off on many adventures in sound and studio configuration. I also was aiming to play with others, having grown in some confidence on guitar and bass in particular. Nothing as solid and complete as Receiving arrived, but I have numerous jams and quick musical recordings that pointed the way to something more adventurous, if a tad more consistent, than Receiving. Spans 2000-2006.

  • Receiving

    Here is the clearinghouse on all things concerning my CD, Receiving, recorded in 1999-2000 and released late 2001. In fact, the music itself is freer than ever, and now you can download the whole bleepin' thing because I just don't care anymore! (Just be sure to send my royalty checks when you get rich off it.) You can see the original cover art (apologies about that), and can read the infamous Richard Meltzer review.

  • Hog Heaven Holiday Theme Music

    A bit of instrumental music and soundscape inspired by the winter solstice and the general warmth around the winter holiday season. Recorded in a few days in December 2000 for my neice, Kaitlin and given away as my Christmas present that year.

  • The Magnificent Meatsticks

    What you get when everyone in the band plays an instrument that is not their strong point, combined with the effects of Arrogant Bastard ales on young men, and a lot of humidity in the summer of 2000. Oh, and effects of my burnout on the demanding process of recording Receiving.

  • Poetry/Today

    Perhaps my richest sonic landscape as a backdrop for Kelli Parrish's poetry. An interesting album with tracks that flow nearly seamlessly, from one tone color and instrumentation to another, never really revisiting a sound. It was the first collaboration with the girl that became my wife. 1998-99.

  • Loaf

    Friends of mine who played their stuff live and who came in to record sometimes (1999/2001/2002). Recording them live at my little studio helped me push the envelope of that kind of recording approach. They let me add and delete parts as I deemed useful, so there are some places where I feature prominently on guitar or keys, or even sandpaper.

  • Girl Singer

    In early 1999, Todd Larowe and I got drawn into this girl singer's de facto band when Mike Keneally offloaded the project that he professed interest in producing. I played drums and recorded stuff mainly, but also some bass, guitar, keys for additional effect. Was a dreadful time though.

  • ReCyclED

    Conceived as a chance to re-record and re-interpret my older and more juvenile songs from the days of my drum-vocal duo Rhythmic Catharsis, the project grew beyond all expectation as a playground for recording experiments and inviting San Diego musicians to record bits. Still incomplete, even though some of the tracks are the best loved and most hilarious of my discography. Primarily recorded in 1997-1999 but with parts originally from One Twisted Individual and the 1996 TAPKAE CD, and with a few Magnificent Meatsticks tracks that fit the bill as late as 2000.

  • Hog Heaven

    The sound of a guy with lots of family and girl stuff to sort out in the early part of 1997, accompanied by said guy not having played music in four months, and not having a place to really play music like it's supposed to be played. Instead, there is a dark, noise and atmospheric soundscape-rich sound that envelops the listener.

  • The Artist Presently Known As Ed

    The year 1996 marked the start of the entire enterprise named The Artist Presently Known As Ed. A new direction in recording technique and technology, and my first experiments with playing with the intent of sounding like a band. A creative sandbox inspired by Mike Keneally and King Crimson.

  • One Twisted Individual Separated At Birth

    My first "solo" recording from 1995, and the first of my own recordings to be digitally edited into final form and to be burned to CD. The cover was also helped along with digital. It was heady times even if the stuff was more of a potty humor sort.

  • Slaves By Trade

    As close as I came to the Seattle Sound, 1994, but even that might be stretching it. Drummer in a rock band. But we got an adequately good recording and I got lyrics to one song.

  • Wedding Audio

    The recording from my wedding in 2004. You gotta listen to the statements that Kelli and I wrote to address each other, but did not share before we were at the altar.

  • Odds and Ends

    Minor sessions or whatever. Includes the call from Mike Keneally when he needed an assistant on nearly no notice for his five week tour with Steve Vai in 1996.