Post Receiving (2000-2006)

Ed, Brandon Arnieri, Paul HornEd, El Brando, Paul Horn late 2002

Experiments with band configurations, new gear, and recording environments.

  • Me: Guitars, Fretted and Fretless Basses, Drums, Percussion, Rhodes Piano, Keyboards, Studio Craft
  • Paul Horn Mueller, Whit Harrington, Jason Dean, Ryan McDonald, Matt Zuniga: Drums
  • Dom Piscopo, El Brando, Todd Larowe: Guitars
  • Michael Klayman: Bass

This is a period which has a vague endpoint since it reflects a trickle of output over some years. I separated it from the stuff that Glenn and I did because the Cheekymonkeyfunker stuff more or less happened as a set within a few short months. Since the Receiving CD was mastered and sitting on my desk, I was not about to go and redo it while some of these tracks popped up, each with a certain amount of charm, some sounding better than what ended up on the CD. So they have languished in this weird state for years now. But that was only some of them; the rest are various tracks, almost all instrumental, as I played with various groupings of musicians from the end of 2000 on through the more recent times. 2001 was a crazy time of change for me, and musically, I had ambitions to top Receiving that never materialized in a final form, despite all the changes in gear, recording space, life, and whatever else.

The ideas, when they do grace me with their presence, show promise but it's been a hell of a time getting people together to realize things in recorded or performance form. The ending phase of recording Receiving was one where I wanted to leave the studio craft in favor of playing again, but this time on bass or guitar. So this post-Receiving period has been a far longer period of reinvention. Only the recordings have not kept pace. I've played with a lot of people, made hours and hours of jam recordings (and have thrown it all out as I go), and make some things that stick. So these are the orphans of the bunch, but some are far more appealing as music. Some are just nuts-out experimentation. In this era, I was trying to incorporate more musical influences, initially in weirder forms, but eventually into a rock band format. And sometimes, as you can hear, there are great intimate episodes with me on the keyboards, or a guitar, or whatever. One of the things I always prided myself on is that for the most part, most of my stuff sounds like it has its own thing. I don't usually do anything for long. In fact, my attempts to form a rock band in the years following Receiving has been my longest, dogged attempt to do any certain thing! The stuff Glenn and me did is musically close to the stuff I had in mind and have been struggling to get recorded for years.