Poetry/Today (1998-1999)

poetry today cover with Kelli and EdKelli and me, 2003 (as good a pic for this as I have!)

The first collaboration with my friend and future wife, Kelli Parrish.

  • Me: Most sounds
  • Kelli Parrish: Poetry and Voices
  • Mike "Bad Jesus" McMahon: Bass on GI Joe
  • Todd Larowe: Guitar noise on GI Joe

Much has been said that Kelli and I were friends for a long time, but now, after about 12 years this project is available once again. Back in the summer of 1998, I was giddy with excitement at the prospect of using Hog Heaven Studio for all it was worth. Kelli and I were close in that period and since it seemed every day was open house at Hog Heaven, she got drawn into doing a collaborative effort that culminated in this. She typically came over pretty late, and much of it was done all through the night in what typically was fruitful time for me. I mostly recorded her existing poems and then did all the elaborate soundscapes after the fact, though there are a few moments where we interacted. I always felt that we did not collaborate as much as was possible, but Kelli gave me a pretty free space to roam and color each track. Notice the instrumentation and soundscape changes widely from one track to another: snythesizers, drums, ebow guitars, bass, electric sitar, noise, and more. In the time honored form inspired by the Keneally/Zappa model, all the tracks flow pretty continuously into one another, in one big shifting wash of sound. I'd also say that this is my best demonstration of sound design and pure adventure in digital editing work on my VS-880. Would you know all this was done on an 8-track recorder? I did whatever I needed: cutting, pasting, submixing, mixing to mono, and more. It might actually be most adventurous project that actually sounds interesting. Kelli and I were kind of bored with it by the time she left for college in the summer of 1999. She was in Oakland and I was back here. Nothing got done with it except its burn to a final CD.

Mike and Todd appear as part of GI Joe, which was based on a trio jam we recorded sometime during the sessions with Girl Singer, and was an otherwise unused, live mixed piece of noise.