Loaf (1999, 2002)

Rebecca of Loaf enjoying herself a bit much

Bluesy, garage-y rock and roll with two delightful singers. I played guitar and keys on a few tracks out of several they recorded at Hog Heaven.

  • Me: Organ on 1; Guitars and keys on 2; clean guitars on 3; wah guitar, sandpaper, and percussion on 4
  • Jeremy Robinson: guitar on 4
  • Loaf: Everything Else

Loaf were a band who came here on a few occasions to get some recordings done. The odd thing was that they were a two guitar and keyboard band in each instance, but somehow I ended up on their stuff rather prominently. I'd end up mixing out some of the extra stuff that they put down and didn't sound too good as a recording, and would poke around at figuring out what maybe worked better. They were a garage band/weekend warrior group who just wanted to have fun anyway, so they usually just went with whatever I did, which usually meant rearranging their whole sound so that everyone didn't play at once all the time.

They got to be a seven piece band, and when I wanted to challenge myself during times of major studio change over, I'd have them over for some tunes to see if I could get everything at once and make it sound good. The last song is one of those tracks that went down mostly live, but with some stuff added and deleted, and I still regard it as one of my better natural sounding recordings. Rebecca, the lead singer, is a naturally gifted singer who also plays percussion in Loaf, and drums and guitar as a songwriter. She is also a joy to record because unlike [Girl Singer], she ...gets it. Rebecca and fellow Loafer Dawne Forderer were my backing singers around this time when I was doing bits of ReCyclED and Receiving. Rebecca is one of the few people I would actually set out to work with if I wanted to do a songwriter sort of gig.