Cheekymonkeyfunkers (2005)

Lucky jam material that showed promise just as the shadows fell on Hog Heaven Studio.

  • Me: Guitars, Basses, Rhodes Piano, some Drums, Studio Craft
  • Glenn Reed Farrington: Drums and Vocals

As mentioned above, the CMF was Glenn Farrington and me, doing things mostly in a jam setting. He was around long enough to see a few things happen, which is more than I can say for some, and is in stark contrast to certain folks who have been around for years longer and haven't gotten shit done. So even though it hasn't borne fruit of the sort that I wanted to follow Receiving with, it shows promise and has gone further in some regards than my own efforts in some long time. We're both refugees from the local music world who just want to make stuff and not pretend we're good or original. As opposed to my earlier stuff, this is the material I have played the least drums on. None of it comes from earlier demos or jams, so I've been able to just go at it on guitar and bass, and even on the Rhodes-- in fact this is the last recording I got of it before I sold it finally in 2005. I think so far, CMF was putting my best bass forward, which I always regarded as the next most comfortable instrument to drums, my first love.