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Light at the End of the Tunnel

For those not in the know, I am a short five weeks from wrapping up a semester at Mesa College. The English 205 class has been the big brain buster this time. Lots of writing in that class.

Lots of writing also on this blog too, though after a few nights ago, you wouldn’t know it, would you? I can’t believe it got erased. Well, yes I can. I used to do that in the early days of digital recording. I like to think some of my favorite recordings are in digital heaven now, and that maybe one day I will be reunited with early versions of Missy The Cow, or any of the other tunes I managed to wipe out along with whatever was on that particular hard drive. There is a learning curve; sooner or later, you learn what buttons do, and it will always be most well learned when everything is on the line.

Anyhow, even more writing is going on at another site I am trying to build. And, yes, there is a little erasure action going on there, but fortunately only one night’s work. Still, I will be wiser for this, I tell myself.

For that site, I am configuring a bulletin board. It is for my church, and it is really a proposal to the congregation, but I want it to have some impact, so I am going pretty far out on the demo work. I am staging it on my own site, so I have to balance the desire to make it look and work like a finished deal, but don’t want to get it too far along, because I suspect I will have to rebuild it to spec if it gets its own hosting with the church’s plan.

And after all this typing, my arms are about to cease to work. That must be a long day, because I have done 12-18 hour days at the computer, but not felt this way. Oh well, it's really late. Time to give it a rest.