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2005 Is Here And...

It looks like the FCC will be taking all the fun out of all media they oversee.

I just had the "satisfaction" of seeing the Dick Clark new year's show and while I don't usually watch such pabulum, today I sort of had it on since Kelli and I did precisely no new years festivities but to chill at home. Anyhow, watching the Penis Clark show had one or two good parts and a lot of ass parts.

Let me amend. The ass parts were censored. I happened to see that there were some bits that were hazed over with digital pixelation. Whoever the black chick was with all the choreography and lame music, she had her wiggling gyrating ass hazed over! She was doing some crazy splits and stuff, with her junk all but busting out of her pants. But then there were a number of shots of her with her ass in the camera, and most times it was hazed out. She had a wireless pack on the waist of her pants, but that is the only thing I could make out that might remotely be abnormal, and from being in the 'biz, that alone isn't abnormal enough to be deleted. Does hazing out a performer's posterior really block the content? Is anyone fooled?

So what gives? If she had a wardrobe malfunction in the splits parts of her song and dance, I guess ABC could be in for what? —about 50 million bucks or something? Have the fucking Puritans finally taken over? Even a new years show is now censored? C'mon, black people have been wiggling their asses on TV for years. Why censor it now?

On the other hand, the surprise of the evening was finding the group Big And Rich to be pretty entertaining with their song Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy. Then there was the black dude who came out and rapped his way through another song. It was some cognitive dissonance for me, but fun shit to hear, at least because I had no prejudice, having never heard of them or their stuff at all.

Then there was Steve Stevens playing guitar for Billy Idol. Steve, it's 2005 now. Lose the fucking black nail polish and the Robert Smith hair. 1985 was a million years ago.

Ashlee Simpson looks like a porn star with no tits, and performs like a pop star with no voice. But I repeat myself.