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Change and Music News

It has been exactly six years since I moved from home. What that has to do with what I'm about to tell you I'm not sure, but here goes. (It has something to do with change.)

I've been in a weird state for this year. Some things have been as good as they've ever been and some have been pretty odd. Some have been bad—work in music has been pitifully lean, and it's made me look at doing other things. I finished school in April and have my web certificate from AIC. Just as the live sound biz is being hit kind of hard from the fallout of 9/11 and corporate insecurity, I ended up having a new and exciting and marketable skill turn up. The fact is yes, at the present I am looking for some web work. I have some sites that are in development—one is my commercial pitch—hogheavenmedia.com. There are actually three other sites on my plate now, besides HHM and this site. So I'm trying out my chops and trying to bring them to market, so if you see something here that you like, and need a site done, speak up and we'll see about striking up a deal.

I have been pushing my studio as a commercial entity. I stayed away from that for a long time, but I have gone and completely revamped the place, and it's as cool as any home studio, with up to 3 rooms and a whole mess of instruments. I have even let the "loud room" out as a place to rehearse drums and small bands. Things around here are in a state of change now, so it may be outdated by the time you read it. I am seriously thinking of getting a ProTools rig, and maybe another Mac to run it, or an iMac to do my smaller duties and this G4 could do the PT work. This is something that even two years ago I could not have envisioned, being a complete technophobe. But I am on the Mac all the time doing this web stuff, graphics, writing and newsgroups and now I feel that I might be able to hack the music stuff. The Roland 2480 is pretty good, but I really have not been inspired by it. It's more confusing than I want to deal with, and I have now gotten to understand the architecture of computers and I have the art and vision in music and recording. Maybe now I can get the two together. ProTools is just so widely used and accepted. It's something that I don't think I'd need to apologize for.

I am always in search of musicians to play with. Some of you may be answering an ad or some other petition to hear some tunes and maybe get together and play. I really haven't recorded much in a long time, but here are a couple tunes that indicate something of my current sound, albeit with dudes that don't seem to play here anymore for some reason (All Things Frippy and Return to Zero). These are rehearsal/break in recordings, so they are flawed, but you can certainly get the idea. If you are a San Diego area musician and want to participate in a project that will never be big, but can make some endearing tunes and textures, please contact me. I don't care what instrument you play or if you are good. All I like to surround myself with is folks that try to play what they hear, use some imagination, be it one note that Miles would be proud of or a groove that would make Bill Bruford dizzy or whatever. If I get this ProTools thing going, I may be back at square one, but that's when I get creative.

I recorded a new little drum & bass tune done by my friend Mike Bedard (who played on Receiving) (drums and synth bass). Believe it or not Jennifer Lopez's bass player came down to my modest studio and put some absolutely stunning bass down on the track. I played guitars. It was all done in a few hours. Subject to changes, for sure, but its a recent recording. The MC, Mickey, had never done a studio performance, but he did really well on this one. We all did our parts in about two or three takes. It was fast...