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Support Our Troops

I've had this idea (for less than five minutes, since an H2 Hummer cut me off on the road) that maybe in order to show a true solidarity with our troops in Iraq, that Hummer drivers in the USA should actually put themselves in the shoes of the Marines and Army guys on the ground in Iraq. Of course, this would mean that they would be shot at with guns and howitzers, subject to landmines and tripwires, and possibly assaulted with rocks and molotov cocktails. I have also heard about cables being run across streets from one building to another, at about the right height to decapitate the gunners with their heads peeking just above the top of the cab level.

I mean, think about it: the Hummer is a military vehicle. And think about it: there are some dudes driving the civilian version of it because its supposedly a "safer" vehicle than most of the other cars (usually the case when you are bigger than 80% of them). Then, for godsake, there are those who drive it because it makes them look cool. But then, think about this: a civilian can drive a Hummer by choice and be the safest on the road here, but there are servicemen doing the World's Dirtiest Job driving combat-equipped Hummers, and losing life and limb doing so. So let me get this straight. Civilian model = safest car on the road in a still relatively safe country; military model with a gun and armor = something that might get you killed in the World's Most Dangerous Country.

It just seems unfair to me that people would buy huge ass vehicles that are gas hogs, just so they can show off and be arrogant Americans when, on the other side of the earth, there are dudes that could not possibly afford such a luxury on their salary (or even twice that sum), but have to drive one just the same as a company car, but with the added hazards of getting shot at while they operate for a government that is there to make the place safe for secure oil trade, which in turn makes Americans even more arrogant about their "liberty" of using gasoline like its water. I tell you, I curse and spit at the times I see a Hummer with some sort of idiotic patriotic bullshit bumper sticker or window flag.

Driving a Prius is a patriotic statement. It is even a sign of a person's intelligence and sensitivity to the world. Anything that even attempts to use less gas is something that at least is aimed in the right direction—lessening the need for gas on a big level will decrease our government's drive to fight for it. But you know, that's just a dream. But don't let a far-fetched dream get in the way of conserving, if in fact that is something you want to do.

So if you drive a Hummer because it is a big bold statement of what it is to be a well-off American, just be assured I think you are stupid and egotistical (not to put too fine a point on it). There is no justifiable reason to drive something like that on city roads just so you can go to the grocery or the CPA's office, or to impress clients. It is overindulgent, and, given that the world is already in bad shape for its use of fossil fuels, it is also anachronistic. It is a step backwards. If you drive a Hummer, don't be a hypocrite; go where you will be shot at and ambushed. Then you will get the true Hummer driving experience, and that gesture will show a true solidarity and empathy with the troops. All of a sudden, showing off won't be as cool.