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Shifting Tides

Hey everyone. I got some news for ya. It's my birthday on the 12th! I'm turning nearly old—29. I plan to have some neat little playing, boozing, pizza eating shindig here on the day. I will be showing off some new studio junk—I just got rid of my VS 2480 recorder that was not really doing the trick for me. I finally made the leap to a computer based platform—ProTools LE. The 2480 just was not working out. I needed to make a change, and going PT seemed to be the way to go. I just got it set up and kinda working this week. I was spending so much time doing stuff on the computer and the 2480 was a like a frigid lover in the other room. I tried to use it but it just wasn't happening. So I changed it all over to the big room in the house and made that the studio. It's really cool. I am pretty much able to capture a whole band at once and have it mixed here, though part of my plan is to make my place able to interact with other studios. So, at Hog Heaven you could record and mix the whole project, or just use the place for tracking stuff in the loud room, and take that back to your own PT studio to track further in your apartment. Or you could bring your apartment work here and mix. Or you could take the tracks done here to a PT studio with the serious HD version of PT—the big boys. So, I wanted to get some flexibility going. And space. The control room is 15' x 17'. and the iso room where the drums are is 10' x 11'. I also have another room that can be for light iso—vocals away from the computer fan and monitors, for example. The place is more comfortable now that the big room is all studio gear and listening/tracking area.

On the playing front, I have been doing that a lot lately—El Brando Arni and I are playing a lot lately. He's been a musical soulmate to me for a couple of years, and the stuff we are playing is getting richer and more varied than ever. If you like the stuff on Receiving, then this is gonna run rings around that, but there are some hints about the new direction on the CD—stuff like Zehdihm's Flight and 8th Grade Report Card and Crazy Boy are the directions that the latest material is taking, musically. Notable among players currently frequenting Hog Heaven Studio is one Paul Horn, who was here on a session playing drums for George Farres (more later). Anyhow, after the session was done, we played some wacked trio jam stuff. Oh, Paul happens to be brother in law to a certain well known bassist that happens to have been sort of influential—Jaco. So I'm here, with a huge grin on my face, having played some off-the-wall stuff with him. He called back late that night and raved on about how much fun he had (it was his birthday, and he had good fun—all unanticipated). He actually lives a mile from my house and in the last two weeks, he and El Brando and I have been making some neat music. It's a bit rough arond the edges, but it's edgy and energetic. It's really awakening my musically, after a year and a half of really blah times. I am playing stuff that I am really excited about. El Brando and I are assessing the stuff we have documented in crude format over the last two years and are looking forward to getting some stuff done for real. As cool as it is to be playing with Paul BECAUSE he is related to Jaco, I really must say that he is a fantastic drummer in his own right, very enthusiastic about the stuff we're doing and is complemetary to our sound. I'd be happy just that he reignited me musically. He's making me think bigger. I'm happy that the men and machines are lining up for me now. I'm beginning to think there might be some new stuff that finally surpasses the stuff on Receiving. I am developing a goal for the next project.

George Farres is a local jazz guitarist who needed some demos made to help get him some gigs. It was a really quick affair—a day for tracking and a few hours for mixing. Real quick, and only Paul playing drums. These are the last recordings that I did on the 2480, just two weeks ago.

On the personal front, I picked up a little part time job working at my girlfriend Kelli's office—a senior center. I drive the home delivered meal route. It's a change from doing live sound, for sure. But it's also nice to do something that actually has a direct impact on someone's life. It's nice to step away from the music scene at the level that I was involved for years. I'm not sure I was happy doing that. It was just something that I got drawn into. It's not really healthy, and I was increasingly frustrated. The times I do it now, after a year of really thin times in that industry, are really frustrating and it's hard to get into it like before. The pay is generally sucky, unless I get the freak gig that I actually mix. It's not really pretty. I was hoping that the web stuff would be better but that is an odd biz—the sites I have started for others are not done on account of there being no content sent to me. I have enough material to show off and make a resume. I want to get an internship to tighten up some things that concern the actual developer's angle of web site making.

In some odd way, this year has been better than ever, and in other ways, worse than ever. Money has been tight like mad this year, but things in a more personal way have been better than ever. I've been musically adrift for some time, but that seems to be changing. Things with the girlyfriend are great, and the home front is going pretty good with the room mates. It's been a really odd year.