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I love Google Chrome because it plays seamlessly with Google Apps for my site, WWSIC, and JEM. Problem is, until some digging, I could only have one of those accounts logged in at once and found that for different domains and their separate logins sometimes it was easier to just open up every browser I had (Firefox, Camino, Safari) but then each of those is different and doesn't run the Google Apps stuff in quite the same way if at all—particularly with regard to extensions and apps and other stuff that an all-Google space does.

I found a hack that allowed a second Chrome space but it was a bit unpredictable and trying to match its config (extensions, apps, bookmarks) was a drag. I tried a little program called Fluid that purported to give me single-app windows but that was absurdly complicated when faced with the range of things that I usually open in a dozen tabs within one domain. Sure, I got a football field of screen space and employ the Spaces feature pretty heavily, and I even have a little program called Moom which lets me do preset window layouts by grid shapes, but who needs one more app to jump to in the dock? Or ten more? Beside, Fluid did not have the extensions and behaved even more oddly than the first attempt at cloning Chrome.

Finally I stumbled into Chrome's permanent Beta brother-in-Chromium, Canary, and did about the same thing but with Canary as the second instance of Chrome. Now I find that Canary, always in development, is pushing into a multi user space feature, probably in prep for Chrome general release. I fire up as many users as I want, but have to configure each separately unless I open the hood and do the following.

And, rummaging in the back space in the Library folder in the Finder, I figured out how to make all the user folders based on the same settings as my primary browser just by copying and pasting the contents of a folder that I want to clone. So now I can have identical workspaces that can have each account open for business at once with the same extensions and other preferences ready to go. Right now, this is great for keeping a discreet user space for TAPKAE.com, WomenWhoSpeakInChurch and Jubilee-Economics.

Definitely badass. I deserve a raise for my work.

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