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After nearly six years of application and enrollment, classes, internship, residency, and general waiting and hoping, the universe finally lined up behind Kelli and she now has a date for her ordination to finally become Reverend Kelli Parrish Lucas. This is huge.

She just got the confirmation this morning. In fact it was rather good news to awaken to. We knew that the ordination was given the green light last Thursday, but today got us a date to look forward to. So put it on your calendars: May 1st at 3 pm at the Community Congregational Church of Pacific Beach. That is the church where we both were born into, raised in to greater or lesser effect, had our teen years and later on were married in.

I'm quite proud of her. Proud enough that of late, I've been working on her website, Women Who Speak In Church, a collaboration effort that will eventually involve her and friends of hers—all women clergy members. It will be a place for them and the community they know, but also to help raise awareness of their angle on the profession, and to give them all a place to soapbox on their particular topics of interest.

Also, if anyone wants to be a total hero, we could use the funds to get her a new laptop computer, priced at $1200. The ancient thing she's using now is my first G4 from 2001. Ten years old is beyond "dinosaur." Being on a minimal schedule and my being out of work, we are a bit hamstrung in our ability to get beyond that. She needs new tools to carry on in her field, with the various conferences she organizes, committees and conference calls, and contributing content to her site. There are too many things that this ancient boat anchor G4 CAN'T do that limit the flexibility her ministry demands. Any help is appreciated.

Congrats to my lovely Kelligirl. It takes a lot of perseverance.

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