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I have been in a feverish spell of working on this site this last month or so. The previous post was a good introduction to what is going on here. At the time of this writing I have manually combed all but two years' worth of my posts, with an overall tally of about 555 posts over nearly nine years. It has been almost round-the-clock work to copy and paste into a program called TextWrangler, and to eradicate all types of nasties that have been partly my "style" and partly the work of translations from one blog platform to another. It is mind boggling how many elipsis points I used all these years. Oy! Lots of replacing double line breaks with paragraph tags. Oh, what fun. Not!

Today I spent some time away from the database part of things, and styled the page all over again. I also finally pointed the domain to this content, now I am done with Startlogic and Wordpress and exclusively on Squarespace. Since Squarespace allows for us restless tinkerers to restlessly tinker, I fully expect things to change around, but I do enjoy the freedom to explore and swap things out in a way that I didn't really do with Wordpress. Part of what I want to do is make it a more visually rich place. I am tired of the white page I had for years, and finally have a system that makes it fun to experiment.

I still have to sit with the thought that maybe no one reads this or no one gives a damn. For a while there I was writing some real personal stuff and I actually changed the settings so the site wasn't searchable by robots. That was also a time that I found all my music grabbed by countless free podcasting music sites. At first it was quite shocking. Now, for whatever reason, I plan to open it up again to such readers so that it isn't a $240/year money sink with little chance of being encountered outside of my circle of buddies.The last year has been a time of reconsidering my life on the web, and for better or for worse, I dare put more of it up.

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