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I've been a member of Costco for about a decade or more. There you can find too much of stuff you don't really need and can't possibly use before it all goes bad. But I've derived a bit of humor and blog/gallery fodder from my time at Costco. Here's two things from the most recent visit.

I was standing in line at the pharmacy there and a lesbian couple stood behind me. Their conversation seemed to be about social/political resistance to legalizing gay marriage. Says one to the other, "they should just let gays marry. I mean, everyone should be allowed to be miserable!" I guess that's one way to spend your married life. Sounds like a bummer deal, but hey...

Then, barely five minutes after that, still at the pharmacy (but this time I'm at the register), two men stepped up from two different waiting lines (one for cashier, one for counseling, I guess) when the cashier said "next, please." One was an older man of about 70ish. Another was maybe in his mid 50s and was a guy who looked like he might be a contractor or a shop foreman at a toilet repair business. They both walked up, and the younger guy started with some attitude and insisted he go first. The older man made a vague protest and decided not to make a scene. The younger guy wasn't content, so he got to the cashier and had to make some comment about being next, and he was up, yadda, yadda. The pharmacist told him the line for his window was where the older guy was standing.

I'm at the register with the other guy just a few feet over. His protestations getting ramped up as he felt he had to defend his honor, that HE was in line and HE should get service first. He even walked over to the barrier post (with the sign requiring patient privacy), picked it up and brought it over to the pharmacist, saying, "THIS is the line! SEE THIS?" The pharmacist guy told him to put it down so no one got hurt. This fool was getting dumber looking by the second.

He realizes he's making a scene and people are looking at him. I was sure to focus on him the whole time. My pharamacist guy is trying to work through my order, then toilet repairman guy sees I am staring at him. He tries to gloss over the fact he just made an idiot of himself with "so, how's it going?" I told him it was going pretty well. Right up to the moment he opened his mouth!

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