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ed and kelli overlooking lake elsinore on the CA-74Even those of us who are pretty disciplined about staying parked have to go out and kill some time behind the wheel to keep our souls fresh once in a while. After two months of looking at the computer screen, Kelli and I got into the truck and burned around on some roads we don't often traverse to see some scenery that looks different than computer screens, produce warehouses and restaurant loading entries, and if you're a chaplain, the faces of people with days or weeks to live.

ed and kelli overlooking lake elsinore on the CA-74It also happened to be our sixth anniversary weekend and that of course warranted a bit of together time. We didn't really do much on this trip across the Ortega Highway CA-74 from San Juan Capistrano to Lake Elsinore and back down through Fallbook and some of the other less explored northern San Diego County areas. There wasn't even a lot of getting out and looking at stuff. It was just good to isolate a bit and be together with the wind and sun and dry brush ready to catch on fire with so much as a cross eyed look.

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