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It took a while but just now I opened the last box of 50 copies of my CD, Receiving. This means there are just 50 copies or so left after the initial run of 500. It is rather liberating to finally see most of it gone. For some years there were about 250 on my shelf, doing nothing but taking space. Last fall you might recall I just gave the things out completely willy-nilly, and that is no exaggeration. I probably gave out 200 copies that way, by just placing them on walls and public places along my routes for work. Gave some to work buddies too. Curiously, I gave next to none to church folks. Of course, back here at the site, I have created some extensive pages once again to help keep it alive even after the physical stock is gone, offering the full music content for download, and cover art to boot, and of course, my trademark chatty liner notes with more detail than anyone can take in.

The experience of Receiving is well documented here; of course the story shaped my interest in doing web publishing at all, and has shaped other aspects of life too. These days I am in a lot more balance with regards to what to publish. The early versions of were giant ads for Receiving. But now my web work has spread out more to include things for other parties, so I humbly return to letting Receiving have its space here, in the midst of other interests and perspectives, a fuller life.

As I write, it is almost exactly ten years since I recorded the last notes of Suburban Silhouette, the final track on the album and the last one recorded, just past a threshold of near burnout for me. But I am glad that tune descended upon me and demanded of me to finish it. I really like it, and it has been an indicator of a direction I might take to follow up. I've wrestled mightily with how to follow up after this CD. I've wrangled with technology, personalities, time allocation, instruments, self doubt. I always expected I would need to go easy on music making for six months or so afterwards, but damn, I never expected a decade to pass! All I can say is that when I do finally get around to more musicking, I will have a whole other experience to channel.

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