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I like Wordpress but it has been a rough thing to wrangle into shape, coming into it originally not knowing shit about PHP or MySql databases and all that goes into that area of web applications. I've come to appreciate Wordpress and it keeps getting better. Especially now that it is in version 3 and many administrative tasks are far easier. Their default theme is a lot nicer than the previous versions. Gone now is the stripped white page that I had been using for a few years. I changed the masthead once in a while, but since the entire background and masthead was of a single graphic that was sliced this way and that, I never really figured out how to do more than change the graphic and overall color. Crap. So I let things stagnate, and little by little I found myself appreciating the limitation of an all white page.

Things have changed and I like playing with the easy to change background color and tiling options for any image there; and the header can be changed on the fly. Cool. But better still is that there are a great many widgets that can be put in the side that I finally can install. Best of all, for some reason not clear to me, for all those years on earlier WP design, there was no home button! If you got away from the main blog home screen, you had to hack the address or hit the back button. WTF? Anyhow, the menu now is a joy to build and edit, allowing the main menu to point to static pages, blog entries, categories, or off-site destinations. The drag and drop feature is far nicer than the old way, which involved naming a page and establishing where it was in the hierarchy. Good luck if you have to change the page name—then it would be time to redo everything that calls that page. Ick.

I find myself in another period of learning about web design, a period such as visits me every now and then. Getting the new machine forces me to get new programs to do this stuff, or to seek out new solutions. The IT guy at work tipped me off to a CMS called Squarespace that I might like vastly more than Wordpress, especially if I decide to go for the all in one hosting/editing/design package they offer at a price that is a bit steeper than the actual cost of hosting but with a level of integration that seems to promise far less of a scattered interface in publishing my stuff—gone would be the myriad windows of WP, host server, database tables, Dreamweaver, and so on.

For now though, I shall tinker with WP and see what I can make it do.

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