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It finally got me. The Apple finally seduced me and I ate of it. I put it off for a good long while, often vacillating between wanting to throw computers into the sea and wanting to keep up and get all the new shit. I ended up getting the new shit because I guess I am not done with the Internet and all the toys that are available. Understand, the last machine I got was in 2004 and that is several operating system upgrades ago. The machine was fine except for how the web stuff advances so fast and left me in the dust around last summer when various sites really just withdrew support for this plugin or that.

Anyhow, finding myself a budding podcast producer and still doing web work for a couple people, I found it handy to get this new iMac 27" that sits here before me. Happily there was a successful migration so far and many of the programs I expected I'd need to pay to replace have so far opened up and seem to work fine, even though many of them are from 2004 or so and I was certain they'd be no good. It just helps to not have to look at replacing so much. Still, there are some Adobe ones that I will have to get, those being the worst.

Maybe it is all the web work for JEM and J.H. Kunstler, coupled with all the setup and transition work, but man oh man, it has been a tech week or two. Barely left the house except to work. Hmph!

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