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Okay I didn't intend to do another year of gas mileage monitoring, so I skipped keeping records by month, but I noticed that at the end of the first quarter of the year, the mileage read 211,696. The year started with 211,401. So, chalk it up for 295 miles in the first three months of 2010.

Biking remains my main mode of transportation. I've changed my habit a bit, possibly upward in my commuting mileage. Since my work shift has been moved three hours earlier, it means I don't really combine my work commute and evening activities, so if anything, I think my bike miles have gone up. I now have all the time to come home, rest a bit, eat, and then go out again, duplicating some of the same miles a few hours later. Some instances I catch a ride with Kelli or someone else, but mainly, I'm on the bikes.

I got my Globe bike converted to fixed gear back in November, and since then found that I should get a steeper gearing, so I changed out the back cog for a bit more of a manly ride. But not much more. It is still a lower gear. It just doesn't flop like a fish like before. Hah. I want to get the handlebars changed out, away from the straight bars with just one hand position.

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