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In the space of one weekend or so, I was nearly simultaneously asked to reprise a life I thought I had left behind. The first request was more of a realization that I might be better off donating my time to Jubilee Economic Ministries by using my studio space to record stuff for a podcast. I had been trying my hand at doing stuff in the office, and I guess it was sort of clear that it was hardly lighting me on fire. But on the day when Lee was breaking the news that a hoped-for grant didn't come through, one that would have funded a DVD project, we had to set our minds to other tasks to widen the delivery of their message. So we tossed around the ideas of YouTube videos and podcasts. I've of course been equipped this way for years—the same years I have known of JEM have been the exact time when I have been at odds with my erstwhile identity as a studio operator. But, I suppose maybe it is time to reclaim that part and put it to some use, lest all my gear sit here and do nothing at all. We meet on Monday to record something, to get a feel for things.

The other odd calling out of hiding came the very next day when a young lady at church, active in a great many things there since she came onto the scene in the summer, asked if I might show her some guitar stuff and music theory tidbits to jumpstart her interests. Now I think this is odd because I wouldn't want to learn guitar from a guy like me, but I am not totally useless with the musical theory for a beginner, so maybe that will do some good.

Odd how these things came out of nowhere, at once.

I have been poking around with a functional studio setup in my office room, drums, guitar and bass amps and all. So far I've captured some acoustic guitar ideas and have been trying to learn parts to Nik Kershaw's song, Wouldn't It Be Good. This has involved watching a few YouTube videos to help witness certain hand positions on guitar because certain chord voicings were just totally escaping me. I was watching about a half dozen of these videos and getting nowhere then finally someone posted a detailed tutorial which, aside from being a pretty faithful cover of the song, was nice enough to make the hand positions on the various parts a front and center attraction! Damn. I was doing it the hard way. But finally this video made a lot of things clearer! (The biggest breakthrough came with the voicing of the G and E chords in the chorus and the melodic line behind the verse vocal. I still relate to piano better than guitar when it comes to picking out parts. Bummer I don't have any keyboards now.)

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