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  • January 1: 211,401
  • July 1: 212,694
  • October 1: 213,267
  • December 31: 215,380

Okay people, the year end mileage tally for my personal transportation in the Toyota is 3,979. Loyal readers will notice that this figure is quite higher than the estimated mileage of 2,300 for the year, a guess made in October. I have to put a little qualification on the tally here because this was not a normal year, particularly in the 4th quarter; Kelli and I went on not one, but TWO trips this year. We planned to rent a car for the first one anyway—a trip to Death Valley during the Thanksgiving weekend that at nearly the last minute, I decided to save a bit of expense but an even greater hassle by driving my own truck. The next trip, up to Joshua Tree Park in the days after Christmas, was shorter and was pretty much a no-brainer after the Death Valley drive worked as well as it did. So I present to you my year's mileage, but with some qualifications.

Yeah, the total was 3,979 which is still pretty lean for living a modern American life, but take away the three trips I drove this year (totally 2385 miles) and the remaining number, one that reflects my local driving habits, is still quite an exceptional number that tried hard to keep to 2009's record 1,546 miles driven. So my trip-adjusted local mileage is 1,595 miles. Okay, so I overshot by about 50 miles because of the rainy last two weeks of the year and the general running around and holiday hubbub that comes with the season. Still, two years of driving less than 1,600 miles is a worthy thing.

The 2,385 miles that were given to travel were mostly in the name of seeing nature's grandeur. It was a central part of the mens' rites in Arizona, and on the trip to Death Valley, we tried to take in as much natural scenery as possible by taking obscure roads when possible and keeping off the freeways. There was more possibility for that on the trip to Joshua Tree, winding our way out of the San Diego County area by backroads I don't remember ever driving before, and up along the Salton Sea. And on return, coming along the CA-74 from Palm Desert and up (even in the dark it was beautiful) into the San Jacinto mountains and over toward Temecula. Yes, Kelli and I needed a soul-refresher this year, and a couple trips helped out a lot. One day I shall get pictures prepared. Of course I've been saying that about our wedding for years now!

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