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One thing about keeping a blog running for most of a decade is that the writings are originally created on different platforms, and during backup and restore procedures, things seem to go wrong. I never seem to get it exactly right, and usually I am loathe to upgrade Wordpress because, for all the wonderful things it does, that platform is slow to make the whole upgrade procedure idiot proof. Last time I updated to 3.0 this summer, I ended up making a parallel installation of 3.0, and then uploading a backup file from the 2.9 era that I was leaving behind. Somewhere along the line, the categories table of the database was lost and upon starting in 3.0, I had no categories available, and all the old designations from each individual post are now null and void. That sucks. I have about 550 posts after all these years, so now that they are all classed as "uncategorized" I would have to manually go and read each one, and create appropriate categories as much as is needed (say, 20) and then click boxes on each individual post. While at it, one might want to tag each post in similar way, with keywords.

One day when I get a few hours. Hah.

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Actually, I have indeed begun the process of fixing a lot of that crap. Oy.

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