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Time sure flies when you're staying parked for the most part.

  • January 1: 211,401
  • July 1: 212,694
  • October 1: 213,267

That makes 573 miles for the the 3rd quarter and 1,866 miles for three quarters of 2010. Okay, I passed the 2009 tally already, by about 320 miles, and I still have a quarter to go. But I think this year will be wrapped up at about 2,300 miles, which I hope all of you will be satisfied with. A bit of lazy driving has crept in, but was perhaps offset by a summer of reduced activity outside the house. I skipped a lot of church related stuff during an intense two months of web work and other such stuff. Some of these summer days were either just too hot, or, in a couple cases, I drove to work in order to prepare for picking up a bit of gear that I expected would come to my audio retailer, but was delivered a week late, therefore my driving was rendered needless. Ditto on the days around when I was expecting my computer delivery. Oh well. Kelli and I made one senseless drive for a scenic tour up to Orange County and back down, using some of the rural roads that we ordinarily wouldn't have occasion to use. It got me from the computer, her out of her chaplain's mind, and us on a small day of togetherness on our anniversary.

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