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  • January 1: 209,855
  • February 7: 210,000
  • March 1: 210,120
  • April 1: 210,203
  • May 1: 210,309
  • June 1: 210,367
  • July 1: 210,532
  • August 1: 210,675
  • September 1: 210,873

In list form, here are the tallies I have recorded for the month starts this year. You read right folks—that is only 1,018 private miles in my truck for the first eight months of this year. So far this month has been the "worst" of the year in terms of miles driven, but still, it was only 198 miles or so, which is still about 2/3 of one tank of gas. It's looking good. Just four more months to go this year. I will predict a total of 1,700 miles for the year.

As you can see, I broke the 1,000 mile mark this month, and it took all of eight months to do it! As I mentioned before, I withheld a bit of biking at the start of the month to not complicate my dental work. I got a bike rack for the truck and have used it a couple times to get to different neighborhoods or to include Kelli on some rides. There has been a bit more of my charitable driving, as I am ever more on the lookout for produce or dairy goods that I can get from work and pass off to Special Delivery or to meet a more immediate need if I find it. My Monday errand and volunteer days are still the most common driving days, otherwise I really am parked the better part of five or six days each week. I still haven't gotten a car wash, even after three years. Maybe next year.

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