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  • January 1: 209,855
  • February 7: 210,000
  • March 1: 210,120
  • April 1: 210,203
  • May 1: 210,309
  • June 1: 210,367
  • July 1: 210,532
  • August 1: 210,675

In list form, here are the tallies I have recorded for the month starts this year. You read right folks—that is only 820 private miles in my truck for the first seven months of this year.

Most of the news is about the same: a few loose errands, a couple Special Delivery routes, and one or two Mondays that fill up with lots of things to knock out at once. Other than that, the Toyota stays parked most days. I finally got to the gas station last week for its fourth fillup this calendar year. Still have many miles before the oil change due at 211,215. It is quite something. I was debating on whether to take it to a car wash and then bother to clean it up with a wash and wax. I don't recall doing so since summer of 2006, and I guess a triennial car wash is no crime, is it?

Were it not for a couple days of lowered activity to help let my tooth sockets heal, I'd be kicking around on the bike more this glorious four day weekend. But I can enjoy naps just as much.

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