« How Will We Know You? »

vividly colored grass ring popping up to cover a utility hole cover, surrounded by concreteAre you still speaking through the burning bush—
Or through the trees and weeds that break through the pavement?

homeless man walking away in an alley with trash cans, shot from the inside of the truck, aiming the camera at the mirror.Will we see your face in the storms that bring the deluge, submerging whole cities—
Or will we know you in the faces of the people who beg on street corners?

Caleb at 93, kelli and edDo we experience you in our technology, swelling vainly—
Or in the humble and timeless deeds which bring community solidarity?

rainbow early in the morning on a day when the rain began to retreatWill we know you from the gushing wind and pouring rain—
Or from a tear that breaks from the eye of a breathless person who felt love for the first time?

buber with a big eager, loving grinWill I see your face in the shouting masses who carry your banner—
Or in the face of a dog which loves me in spite of my failings?

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