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  • January 1: 209,855
  • February 7: 210,000
  • March 1: 210,120
  • April 1: 210,203
  • May 1: 210,309

In list form, here are the tallies I have recorded for the month starts this year. You read right folks. That's only 454 private vehicle miles I've driven this year. Taking that four month tally out to 12 months, it might turn out to be 1,352 miles for the year, though that is still just mathematics. But it isn't too far from reasonable: I got an oil change at the start of June last year (still a few months before the biking blitz began in early October or so) and haven't even run out the 3,000 miles to the projected next change. I will get there in approximately 900 miles, at 211,215. Now it is odd to get into my own vehicle. It is the one I drive least. Driving manual only in my truck now makes my technique a little rusty, so I can't tell if it's me or if the clutch is a bit worse off and in need of attention. Most of my work weeks see my truck parked in the same spot for five days at a time.

Back on the bike, things have been going well. What I don't bike, I use a bus to make the very occasional leap for timing's sake, or carpool with Kelli, or even hoof it. Usually one of my weekend days will comprise of various errands, personal engagements, health appointments and the like, so biking can help if the stuff is spaced accordingly. One day I managed to score a doc visit, visit with Lee Van Ham at a coffee shop ten miles away in Kensington (hence a bus ride to speed it up since the turnaround was less than an hour), and on the ride back, we hit his office in Normal Heights, then I got my bike adjusted a bit at the bike shop, went to the bank and went in Bay Park. Later on, I reversed some of that same trip for a trip to a church related meeting in Mission Hills. It made for a good day.

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