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ed's toyota truck at the landfill, getting a cubic yard of compost. the mound peaks higher than the cab part of the body and the whole tail end is sagging!It is now an annual ritual to go out in March and fetch a truckload of compost to enrich the garden. Since the start of 2007 I've done this about five times now, once each spring and once later on in the summer or fall. The best way to get it in the truck is to let the crew just use the skiploader to dump about a cubic yard. It is a little imprecise as you can see, but it saves half the work of moving it. Maybe I should have checked the air pressure in the tires before embarking this time. Driving it off the landfill was like skippering a boat! At any rate, you can't go wrong for the price. All this was just $5 and some gas and shoveling time back home.

ed with a nasty looking garden tool for weeding. the attitude adjusterWeapons of Grass DestructionFor turning the stuff into the existing ground, I do it the hard way. No roto-tillers for me, no. It's shovels, rakes, and whatever else it takes. This year I decided to get this cultivator tool. I call it a weapon of grass destruction, but have nicknamed it "The Attitude Adjuster." It looks a little like Cthulu from a Lovecraft novel. Ugly, that is, but handy. I guess if I had any more ground to work, I'd lose the pride in my old-timey approach and go for the roto-tiller. So far it is bearable and a nice way to spend a late winter/early spring evening.

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