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Sometimes I hate blogging. The writing of stuff is fun but the additional stuff on the technical back end just drives me mad at times. Recently in the Wordpress upgrade process, somehow some of my data bit the digital dust. It isn't the critical stuff, but enough to be annoying and small enough to not really warrant detailed reconstruction. I lost most of the categories but not the posts; ergo, should I deem it worth my while to go and recategorize something like 465 postings, I am free to do so. Also there seems to have been some problems with language/character encodings so some of the unique characters in the text are mangled and replaced with other characters that totally distort things. I don't suppose I shall fix that nonsense since it would require reading every damned post just in case something was wrong. Ick. There may be other problems that I don't yet know about, but those are annoying enough to warrant one more needless post just to bitch at my fate.

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Only 465 posts? Well fuck me! I should have done this work then. Now at 560 posts, I decided to go for the project of fixing this stuff in a complete go. My oh my. At least this time I am leaving Wordpress for Squarespace where I pay to have stuff backed up and managed and I just get to create the stuff and serve it up to you. I've done about half of this massive redacting and cleanup so far, and it has given me new ideas for the site and linking content in more illustrative ways.

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