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  • January 1, 2009: 209,855
  • February 7: 210,000

My truck odometer rolled 210,000 miles today. On the first of the year, it read 209,855. So for these five weeks, it looks like I drove it only 145 miles. Not bad. It makes me think I can beat my 3,688 mile record from last year.

The new bike has gotten some good use as I use it to pedal around to work and church and some other destinations. I've enjoyed the riding of it a lot but my month at work has been quite demanding, with overtime beyond what I usually get. So, between that and the biking (with a liberal attitude toward hills—something I never had even with a 21 speed), I've had some fussy knees of late. I guess the cold plays its part, as does the business of wearing shorts and working in a cooler anyway. Still, the last month has been good, in spite of the waking hour of 4:45 AM and all that. Not driving to work but for a couple days a month has been good for me. The ride warms me up a bit for the day ahead and is a nice way to wind down afterwards. The only thing that bums me out is that I have to go home to get the truck to run errands, and most days I just aint going for it. When I am home, I am home for the night.

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