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the rainbow following the rains one morning near mission bay in san diegoToday was exceptional in its post-storm way. There were a pair of rainbows that greeted me as I left Mission Valley and headed up Morena Blvd. toward one of the restaurants. The rainbows were quite sharply defined and this one was so clear you could almost tell exactly where it touched down. (You can see an echo of the main one off to the right, but that isn't even the second one I am talking of—it was quite a day for spotting these things.)

If there was a pot of gold at the end, I had to miss out on it. But the good news is that from this vantage point, optically speaking, it was coming down quite near a location where homeless men and day laborers gather to score some work or other handouts. They needed the gold more than me. I settled for the beauty of it all.

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