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  • January 1: 209,855
  • February 7: 210,000
  • March 1: 210,120
  • April 1: 210,203
  • May 1: 210,309
  • June 1: 210,367
  • July 1: 210,532
  • August 1: 210,675
  • September 1: 210,873
  • October 1: 210,919
  • November 1: 211,038
  • December 1: 211,246

In list form, here are the tallies I have recorded for the month starts this year. Just one more month to go, and I don't have big plans for December so this may not change much. It looks like we have 1,391 miles so far this year, with an uncharacteristic 208 miles for this month just completed. That is because Kelli and I took a joyride to Mt. Palomar a couple days ago. We didn't reach the top because it began to snow at elevation and we were there with no chains and it was dusk. So once I found the truck to be poorly footed on the pavement, I turned around. It made a nice bit of a getaway. Stopped for Dudley's bread and had a nice day away from the usual environs.

I finally passed my recommended oil change mileage interval on this trip—it took a year and a half to drive 3,000 miles! The oil looks good so I may do it sometime next summer or fall.

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