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  • January 1: 209,855
  • February 7: 210,000
  • March 1: 210,120
  • April 1: 210,203
  • May 1: 210,309
  • June 1: 210,367
  • July 1: 210,532
  • August 1: 210,675
  • September 1: 210,873
  • October 1: 210,919

In list form, here are the tallies I have recorded for the month starts this year. This month has been the leanest of all at just 46 miles in my own vehicle, with a total of 1,046 miles since the start of the year. Obviously the biking is working out, but it is right to say that I catch a few rides from Kelli when needed, and occasionally I can do quick errands along my work routes.

I am still waiting for the 3,000 mile mark to roll around since last year's oil change. That will be coming up "soon" in 300 miles or so. Maybe in December I will have that to report. I've gassed up only four times so far and I predict only two more fills at this rate. I'm sure this blog is getting boring by now, eh? Paint dries faster and is more exciting to watch.

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