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ed with razor knife finally scraping off the not my president sticker from his truck.The "Not My President" sticker finally comes down!Depending on how you count it, the so-called presidency of George Walker Bush went on for four years or eight years too long. Sometime in the wake of the 2004 election, I was given the following sticker to put on my truck. As I write, it is just a few hours after this sticker has been made gloriously irrelevant with the swearing in of Barack Obama. I'm glad that it is a significant historical election what with being the first of its kind to elect a black man, but I really feel that the man is so much more presidential in his way, and so much better fit to lead and certainly to inspire something in people. I only hope that he isn't carried away into the rip currents that that exalted office brings with it. Nonetheless, his campaign was exemplary and while one can fairly say he is unknown, one cannot say that he is unable to step up to the plate. I think he can do so. So I consider him my president now, and gladly. After eight years of Dubya, it is nice to have someone who caters to our better nature and isn't loading us up with fear. It isn't that I think he is our savior; there are whole sections of his policies that I don't really like. But he does seem to provoke people to take interest in their own lives, and that can't be bad. What this nation needs more than successful policies is an evaluation of our personal and cultural priorities in an historical hour with no precedent.

You can see the short series of pix of me finally getting rid of the sticker in the Liberation gallery.

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