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If memory serves me correctly, it has been 20 years now since I intentionally patronized a McDonald's food-selling establishment. I forgot the date but I remember it was sometime in January 1989 when I last went. Since then, the only times I have eaten their stuff has been the handful of times that I was doing gigs and someone would be going out for the food and that was all that was on offer for the day. Or there were similar times when I would be on a roadtrip or tour and the truck was only going to make one stop for 300 miles. Aside from that, my record has been impeccable and I have withheld my presence from their establishments.

ed flipping the bird to a wal mart truck on the freewayI have stayed out of WalMart for many years too. The last time I bought something there was in early 2002 when I needed to get a pack of video tape. And prior to that, there were hardly any trips to the Evil Empire. The time before that comes to mind was in late 1996 when I was on tour with Mike Keneally and the band had to stop in Joliet, Illinois for some soap or something. And that was my entire Wal Mart shopping experience.

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