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Yawn. I saw four Lamborghini cars today. Either that or I saw one black one and a yellow one on three occasions in different parts of town. In 1985, I would have shot a load at the sight of such a thing. Apparently, some people still have the same response, or the closest response allowable in public. It seems that 40-something guys can't refrain from gawking and taking pictures. It's just a friggin' car, and one that can't do much but look good and go just as slow as the rest of us in bad traffic! As for me, they are rather too prevalent and have lost their gimmicky charm. I'd rather have my old truck. At least it has space for a backpack.

Why the fuck are these on the road?Example two is those medium duty trucks you see that only exist to be roving billboards. I think it is ludicrous for those things to be clogging our roads while performing no actual useful work—i.e., not actually carrying anything or anyone. Yet I see more and more of them, and often at the most crowded spaces—Gaslamp, beaches, Coronado, etc.—where most drivers are already captive to begin with. Gas prices must not be high enough yet to eliminate this useless shit. Can you think of anything more useless on the roads, burning up gas that won't ever come back? Or, even if those trucks were solar powered, their presence alone still clogs the road and causes more traffic to sit idle. More than a few times, these ad trucks have been distracting for me. They are big, after all. They are designed to draw your attention. The laws in this state can dictate you need a hands free cell phone to avoid distractions, but these trucks are free to roam and lure attention with not only their sheer size, but with their more and more elaborate presentations: the types with three images on rotating triangular columns; the diorama box type with stuff inside a clear box enclosure; or, another one based on that design, but with vinyl wrapped all around box with scrolling images in the windows. There are a few insurance companies that use these things. I wonder how many accidents result from the distractions these trucks create. Hmmm. And should one buy insurance from one of the companies that uses them? Isn't that like the doctor poisoning the patient so that he needs a doctor?

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