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buber the dog looking up from the porch on an autumn day. long shadows and low sun.Most of you have been introduced to Buber the Dog. He is a loving, sweet companion who usually likes to get grunty at meal time and walk time, close to 10 pm each night. Often, we give him a bit of off-leash time in certain spaces where we know he is more or less contained. Most of the time he is good about staying reasonably close. He ordinarily wears a Halti harness over his face when walking, so as to reduce his extremely muscular pulling. Most of the time he claws at it to get it off, but we walk on, even if he fights it. Sooner or later he has to move forward with us. We are used to his rolling onto the ground and clawing it so as to slip it off his muzzle, so we initially didn't think anything of tonight's exaggerated rolling when we caught up with him in the corner yard. Then when we got him back to get on leash, he reeked!

a skunk.This is Buber the Dog's newly discovered archnemesis, the Skunk. Buber was initially perversely attracted to an animal such as this (maybe because it too shares black and white coloring). We have reason to believe this might change—not the coloring, but the fascination. Buber found out on one midnight walk that maybe flirting with this sort of creature is not a great idea, and chasing after it is perhaps worse. Buber appears to have sustained a "direct hit" with the malodorous skunk-charming perfume. All the way back to the house, he was sneezing and snorting and rolling in the dirt. The sneezes were so forceful I thought he might sneeze himself inside out!

buber gets a skunk bath of hydrogen peroxide, dish soap, and baking soda. he doesn't like baths.This was actually Buber's second bath in the same day. Kelli was nice enough to give him one—tortuous as it tends to be for him—earlier in the morning. He was feeling all sleek and silky before "the encounter." He was even smelling pretty good. Since "the encounter" happened well after midnight, it was not a great time to cobble together the needed items to make the de-skunking cocktail of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and liquid soap. So Kelli did what she could with baking soda, rinses, and more applications of baking soda and subsequent rinses. His leashes were left to sit in a bleach-detergent bath, but smelled the next day. His eyes were red like hell but got better overnight.

The poor beast was still sneezing like crazy, but despite having two water torture episodes in the same day, he was a bit more compliant and maybe understood we had to help him out of his predicament. The good news is, we have a nicely washed, sleek and shiny dog now!

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