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I just found out that another snippet of stuff I recorded for Mike Keneally back in April 1999 will be a track on his new album, Wine and Pickles. As he says at his website, this is the album of oddities that slowly collected over the years and finally begged to be assembled into a release of some sort. The track in question is part of a track called Hum, which actually was released on Nonkertompf that year, albeit dressed in some studio overdubs done at Doubletime. There are three cuts on Nonkertompf that originated in my little studio, and another bit or two that were on a companion disk called Nonkertalk which was an interview disk. And now this. I always wondered what he had in mind when he left my studio with that digital tape. He did most of the work himself. He did all the instrumental parts and the mixing too. I pretty much just prepared tracks and moved mics and stuff like that, sometimes leaving the house altogether, with Mike working till after I left to work a gig. That was trust on my part. I didn't just go off and leave all my stuff with the door unlocked, but hey, it was in the old days when I was prepared to do anything for the guy.

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