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The USA isn't as good at war as it once was
Now it takes five years to reach a quagmire
Once we knocked out the Axis on two fronts
It only took three-and-a-half years

Four thousand men and women who tasted death
It must be great being free that way
Freedom and liberation sweeps across the land, yeah
While others just know it by its other name—

The inner ring of empire decays and rots
Leaving nothing to fight for back home
The myths of valiant soldier-saviors
Die hard but not hard enough to change the equation

Freedom felt at the pump is delusional
The asphalt highway beckons and speaks
Of freedom, of individuality, of joy and abandon
But oh the nasty secrets that lie beneath the hood

To the servant we have become the slave
The greedy system commands our every move
We call it non-negotiable and inevitable as if
God really wanted it that way

Cycling, spiraling, spending our way down
The endless techno-hole, our proven god over all
God that needs food, god that needs fuel and
God that needs our total devotion— God that brings—

Five years chasing the wrong bad guys
Five years blowing the grandkids' futures
Five years showing our total commitment to
A dying way of life

Check your reason at the door upon your entry
The games we play here are for the hardened
Love and grace aren't understood or welcomed
Fighting and dying aren't seen to be lies that bring

The real war is on the human spirit; death within our souls
The soul that must have an enemy is a house divided
The greater evil to be lamented is the one thing we fight hard for
Success no matter how its won, will only have one true name:


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