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emergency crews tending to a woman who fainted or something. big affair with fire trucks and stuff.I was on a produce delivery in downtown one afternoon and saw this. A homeless lady who had collapsed in the doorway to a restaurant or whatever it is at the corner of 4th and Broadway. There were fire trucks and an ambulance. It was probably the most notice paid that woman in a long time, and what a sad way to warrant that amount of attention. The world marched on by and was probably cursing the emergency vehicles blocking traffic (that is partly why I could take the picture—I was fenced in). I was off to schlep another case of tomatoes or broccoli to the next high-end restaurant down the road. I don't know that there is much else I could have done, but like Ricky Fitts and his camera in American Beauty, "it helps me to remember. I need to remember."

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