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Buber, my black and white beagle-bluetick coonhound dog, has been on a roll lately. Last year a Beagle won the dog show on Thanksgiving day and this year a Pointer won. Both of which are of course floppy eared and floppy jowled. And to take the cake—the real Best of Show—he is glad that Barack Obama has won too, clenching a victory for those who are black and white.

All is not well in floppy ear land, however. Buber spent a couple weeks with an ear infection that afflicts floppy eared doggies. I was treated to the sight and sound of him shaking his head every few minutes for a couple days. He had been given a medication for what seemed to be a sore paw, so I thought that the thing had a funny side effect. Finally after checking his ears and finding funk in them, we took him to the vet again and plopped down a couple hundred for meds and treatment. He's much better now.

Viva Floppy Ears!

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