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I already voted for my presidential candidate. And his name didn't rhyme with "John McCain." My short list of reasons for not voting for McCain includes the following, with some humor present.

He is not shy of hauling out the tired story about his warrior past. Let me sum it up for you:

  • He is the only guy who managed to get shot down during the Vietnam war while sitting stationary on board his own ship. He was a casualty of what is called a "maritime surface-to-surface friendly fire incident."
  • Rather than spend his time like his fellow Republican/Vietnam fighter pilot Duke Cunningham (who actually shot down the enemy's planes), McCain's biggest claim to fame is getting shot down and captured. OOOOhhhh. Big deal! Even the one ace from that war—The Duke—isn't any better as a Republican politician, hanging his head in shame a while back for his dubious deal making. With that in mind, you can't even say, "well, don't give me the guy who got shot down in Vietnam, give me the guy who shot the enemy down!" It's sort of an apples-and-apples deal, and you want oranges.
  • Then, he was stupid enough to stick around for five years, often taunting his captors, who continued to beat the living shit out of him. Oh! What great foreign policy chops you got there, Johnny Boy! I can't wait till we fall to our national knees before the Russians who will have the oil we need.

So, for those undecideds out there, you gotta ask yerself if you want to vote for the guy who first can't get his plane off the ground without being shot at by his own team, and then can't keep it in the sky long enough to get home, and then has to put on a cocky (oh, Maverick-y is the word?) show of bravado when maybe some common sense would have been in order. He did do better than Bush about doing his military service, but he spent five years on the sidelines. And now that makes him presidential material?


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