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toyota at 206167 on first of 2008Here is my odometer just past midnight on New Year's Day. If you recall from a year ago, I had the interesting fortune of parking my car on New Year's Eve with 200,006 miles at the very end of 2006! So here I am a year later, and I am proud to say that I basically nailed my goal of cutting my driving back to about half of what passes for normal (~12,000/annum). The final tally puts me at 6,161 miles for all of 2007. I chalk it up to a lot of self restraint, picking not to do more driving than I need to do, and making better use of the truck when I do drive it. My work commute—while I had one—was only about seven miles each way. I don't talk about it much here anymore, but my mind is still on peak oil, so this is part of my practice routine.

our landlord decided to wait till winter in order to replace all the windows. kitchen window here is out and ready to be replaced.When we moved into our house in March, the landlady let us make a list of things that needed to be done since the place hadn't been lived in for years. So we did, and among the things to work on were the windows, which had serious problems closing. That wasn't a problem during the summer, but in October or so, there started to be a small bit of contractor activity as estimates were collected shortly after we withheld rent and asked that our earlier requests have some effort applied. Our landlords are cheap and slow sort of like at least one we had before, and so it became clear that it would probably come at the worst possible time. And it did—smack in the dead of winter! So on the first of the year, about 3-4 pm we had a drop in from the landlord who said there would be a crew to come install the long awaited windows and a kitchen door. All this was to start the next morning at 7:30! Dammit. Suzanne has been gone on her winter vacation, and Kelli was about to fly out on the 3rd for her vacation, and all this window activity was to be compressed into one day—the 2nd. Kelli and I had just cleaned house the day before. Then here came the crew, just on time (but way early considering my late night of work). Right away, we both needed to hustle to move stuff in a hurry. Every room got messed up in a random effort to push stuff aside. Then with all the guys going in and out, it made a royal mess. I also was told that instead of starting work at 9 pm like usual, on this day we were to get an early start at 3 pm, and work till midnight.

richie hanging a banner in the bucket truckThe window crew got done and was gone by 2:15. I had to leave at 2:30 and didn't return till midnight after a long night of banner work. Kelli and I had 15 minutes of daytime to "enjoy" but that was messed up by the fact that the city parking troll came by and ticketed my truck for not turning my wheels to the curb on the quite-slight incline where we live. Fortunately, Kelli didn't get ticketed but she could have been, given that her wheels were straight too, and one space ahead of me. Oh well, I didn't need that $47 anyway! After our 15 minutes of bitching about the parking ticket, I left for work. When I came back, Kelli was doing last minute prep for her flight. I was to take her to the airport at 5:30 or so, but we got started late. At the last minute, we had printer problems so she couldn't print out her confirmation. After the last days' events I was in no mood to play tech support at that hour. We got on the road to the airport and I saw her off on her 12-day trip to Florida.

And for the most part, I have more banner hanging work to look forward to until I start a new full time job next week at a produce company.

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