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buber and kelli are lovers and leave ed out of things. too cute.Today was a very doggy day. After indulging in some much needed sleep-in time after a week of trips to career centers and auto shops and other such errands, I got a chance to just stay in bed. Today is Kelli's day to get up when Buber the dog goes off like an alarm clock. I get that job on the days when she is gone to school, and it seems that he likes to rise at about 7 or 8 most mornings, even if I was up till 3 in the morning. So the nights get clipped a bit each time. When Kelli is back, she gets dog duty.

We so fell in love with Buber that we've been making trips down to the animal shelter to see what the prospects are for getting another dog. I don't know really that we will get one, but the time looking at more dogs is not wasted. Often we find a few other folks who make a bit of casual talk and we get some tips and whatnot. Today we went down to the shelter again, but this time with Buber so that we could get an idea of how he socializes with other dogs. I was thinking he'd be really excited and anxious to go to the shelter again, seeing how he pretty much just escaped it and its sometimes putrid and noisy atmosphere, but he handled it like a champ. We did find another German Shorthaired Pointer who we spent some time with but this dog was one big slobberfest, and had sort of an aloof caninality (personality for dogs) and didn't seem to want to socialize much. But the slobber thing really nixed him from our list. There were many other dogs which looked pretty sweet, but we didn't get past gazing at kennels before Buber signaled it was time to leave. There was one Australian sheep dog that had the same manner as Buber did at the kennel, sitting right up next to it so that she could be petted through the grid, one or two inches at a time. Darling pup, but not meant to be.

buber the dog not quite enjoying his bathThen it was time for dog wash #2. This time went a lot easier than the last one. He actually escaped the tub only once today. This is in contrast to the first wash when he got out more than in, and it took me lifting the 60 pound beast back into the tub—something made harder by the slick, soapy fur! This time we were sure to keep him indoors so he wouldn't go roll in the dirt like last time. Oh, he hates that, but finds an acceptable substitute in getting up against the sofas to accomplish about the same thing.

Buber is an inside dog, and even more so than Okua was for us. Okua was never allowed on our bed (partially because she was quite big, but mainly because she was so damned hairy). Buber welcomed himself to our bed. We objected at first because we didn't know his habits, but he turns out to be a pretty clean dog who hasn't shed nearly as much as Okua, but he is also a whole lot more of a companion. On Fridays when Kelli gets home, he gets giddy with excitement and its only a matter of time before its all a big puppy pile to welcome her back. It's quite funny as he jockeys for position, alternating between hopeless romantic and selfish intruder between us. All the rest of the time, he is mostly a velcro dog. I/We take him out for a walk of about a mile or two each night. When we got him, he pulled like a tractor. I guess for about 45 minutes he is reminded what it is to be a hunting dog. But we got a leader leash harness and most of the time, he is as buddy-buddy on that as he is at home, though he tries to get it off, and shreds the leash in the process. Sometimes we let him off now that we are more sure of how he handles things. By far, this is the best walk experience. He gets to run off some of those calories that accumulate in his beer gut, and we don't have to either fight him or trip over him.

Then tonight we took him for a walk in a local park where we let him off the leash. Usually he just trots around and goes every which way to scan the area. But tonight he decided to scale a hill that was something like 60º and about 50' or higher. He got up to the next level of houses and for all we know could have run away from there. But after a sort of nervous couple minutes, he came back down, more confidently than he had climbed it. That was the end of off-leash time for this evening. But he knows who loves him. So he comes back. He probably deserved that solo adventure after all the hell we put him through today. Our Buber dog.

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