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at an intersection with two bike cops on one corner, and a couple others across the street, setting up a new traffic camera for red light runners, the bmw driver decided to blow through the intersectionA favorite Jeff Buckley song features the line "worthless like cops at the scene of the crime" and that about sums it up just fine for this blog post. Today I was driving to work along Mt. Alifan St. that bottlenecks two lanes into one. A hotshot BMW driver decided to overtake me at the last minute just as the road narrowed and if it had been any later, there would have been an accident. That particular maneuver worked out well enough for him so I let it go. But, less than a mile away, just across the freeway bridge, there was a light turning red and he ran it, knowing full well that he could only do it after it changed red. He accelerated and shot through the intersection. Highly illegal. While I was stopped, I noticed there were cops stationed on each side of the street. Each was working to aim and focus a pair of cameras for the Big Brother photo enforcement system. Two cops, and this BMW guy blasted right between them, even as their work was to get the red light cameras dialed in! Shit, this was a ticket opportunity if ever I saw one! But noooooooooo.

A couple weeks ago near my job, one of the drivers relayed a story of a cop he saw who was in fact doing his job too well, maybe. After a couple days of manning his rolling stop speed trap a block or two from work (no doubt getting his quota from all the rolling stops at that intersection—$186 if I heard right), the cop must have gotten cocky or bored, or something. At one point just before my fellow driver saw the cop car, the cop apparently shot off like a rocket from his trap zone and in his haste, he smashed into an SUV driven by some young guys. No one was hurt, but the cop was cussing and spitting in self-disgust at his stupid move, and the SUV guys were out on the curb laughing it up. This no doubt must have made the cop a bit more mad than he already was. Not long after (and something I saw as I drove home a few minutes later than the guy who told me this), the sergeant pulled up to investigate the matter, and I'm sure there was only one way to settle this one. Desk duty for Officer Friendly.

And about a week ago, after Officer Friendly got busted, at an intersection one block away, life goes on. While those of us who drive for a living need to mind our stops the best we can to avoid any trouble, we are that much more aware of the blatant instances of others who do such stuff. In the area around work, it is easy to see people do the "20 mph stop." All it takes is dumb luck to be the guy who barely rolls by and gets the ticket while the blatant instances escape somehow. Bad Cop, No Donut.

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