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ed is on the in-and-out white board at work. no black dot to indicated where he is though. that must come laterHah. I started at my current job as a driver, then got invited to do some dispatching after about 6 weeks, and almost immediately thereafter got invited to do the shipping for the company—to be the shipping department. I got a desk, a computer, and a stapler and scissors, as well as a few other accoutrements of the office life. After a month or more of that, I finally got a spiffy new space on the office in/out chart. Maybe in a while I might get a dot shaped magnet to actually indicate whether I am there or not! As of yet, I have no phone, for which I am grateful. I did manage to get the best chair in the place, at least for being on the "shop floor." Even the boss doesn't have assigned parking, so that isn't something in my future. At least it is equitable that way.

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