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the dead heroes quote from Gore Vidal, overlaid upon a stylized photo of the military standing around a flag draped coffin inside a C130

Memorial Day once again. Today is the day when we attempt to consume more than our shares to keep the ol' machine going even as it crushes some of our sons, fathers, brothers (and now, because of the magnanimous politicians we supposedly elect, our daughters, mothers and sisters too). We consume because said kin are not here to do so anymore so we must pick up the slack and carry on in their absence. This is how we are good citizens now—by being good consumers.

What a great nation, eh? Consume at all costs, at all times, even on the national holiday. Just makes you wanna go throw yourself in a thinly-armed Hummer and go die in a foreign country, doesn't it?

I'll stay home and tend my garden instead. Call me unAmerican.


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